Browser use

Note that in the ordinary course of internet activity, certain information may be sent from your browser to third parties such as advertising networks and analytics companies. We have no control over the information sent from your browser to those networks or other third parties and recommends that you ensure that your browser settings prevent the disclosure of information you would like to keep confidential.

Collecting data from members

When joining or signing in to the website you will be asked to supply an email address and password. This email address will only be used to identify your account and to email you (if you choose to set up price alerts). Your details will never be passed on to any 3rd parties. Your email address will not be shown on any part of the site so it will not be publicly available. You are free to contact us if you want this information to be deleted.


We only store two very basic cookies:

Cookie Name Cookie Purpose
cookie_tracking This cookie is only here so we know if you have closed down the privacy policy popup so we don't bother to show it you every time you load the site.
PHPSESSID When you sign in we store all the information server side. We then issue you a randomly generated ID so we can identify what data (server-side) belongs to you during your current viewing session.

By visiting this website third parties such as Google may use cookies to track your data for analytical purposes.

To learn more about 3rd party privacy policies please see the following links.

Any questions?

We are not in the business of selling your data, so we only store what we need. If you have any questions or would like to request we delete all information about you then feel free to contact us.